Knit Me

 |\  Nanna Jenny's Offical KNAG Beret Pattern
The link above will take you the KNAG website where you can download a pdf for the beret pattern.

You will need:
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\  Select your yarn : 14 ply or two x 8 ply knitted together.
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\  no. 6mm needles (old size 4).
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\  no. 4mm needles (old size 8).

|\ Cast on 29 stitches using 2 yarn contrasting colours of 8ply (knit the 2 colours together) or a single colour of 14 ply.

|\ Garter stitch (plain) for 38 rows.

|\ Then K2 P2 & 1 on end K for 16 rows.

|\ Change to no 4mm needles & K2 together all along next row.

|\ K2 together all along following row.

|\ Thread yarn through remaining stitches draw up tightly and end off securely.

|\ Stitch together seam from drawn up end to the start of the garter stitch section.

|\ Using no 4mm needles pick up 37 stitches around the top with contrast yarn.

|\ Knit 6 rows of K2 P2 or K1 P1 whatever you prefer.

|\ Cast off with larger needles so the edge is looser.

|\ Stitch up back seam of slipper.

|\ Decorate as desired with pom-poms, triangles or tie.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\  Fits about an 8-9 shoe size.