KNIT-IN  MAY  13,  2014

Nanna supporter with an important message

Some grandchildren just don't like being photographed.

Is it a bee, a bird, a butterfly or a Metgasco wasp?

Some Nannas like to vary the yellow and black.

KNIT-IN  MARCH 23-3-14

Industrious Nannas think knit-ins are serious business

Talented Nannas' Products

Gasjerra Serpent enjoys the garden

What's the joke about serpent scarves?



January Knit-In @ Mr Gulaptis office. The girls? had a lovely chat with the local member today.
See more shots in Stitch In Time

Sarah tried very hard to explain life near the drill site . . .
Our very own Knitting Poppa!
You can knit but you can't hide!

Christmas Knit-in @ local member Mr Gulaptis office. The girls had a purl of an afternoon! Added some seasonal decorations to the handrail and a festive tree to the window. What's Christmas without a tree! See our lovely card complete with nannerly carol on the Nanna Rhyme page.

Our festive tree with a purl of a message!

Seems there was a joke - is it in the card?

A lovely little group and such a hot day too!

Sparkly little number, compliments of the clever northern Nannas

Launch of Grafton Nannas and our first Knit-In. It's not a party without cake!

The party was over!  
The serious knitting began with the Glenugie vigil and then the blockade.  
There was no cake but plenty of yarn.

And the Grafton Loop met with the northern Nannas and admired their stitching.